Hair Color Ideas and How to Match Hair Color to Skin Tone

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Hair color ideas

Hair color ideas

Hair is perhaps the most important and beautiful accessory a woman can have. It helps express your personality and improves your outfit. What is essential, as expected, is to have a healthy and good looking hair before thinking about any change in color. Gorgeous hair is depended on finding the right cut and matching the perfect color. Many women pay too much attention to the cut and style of their hair and less to the color they want to dye with.

These days you can find thousands of hair color ideas but with so many colors available on the market it’s super difficult to really find one to actually flatter you. There are several problems that might come in your way when it comes to choosing the best color for your hair, therefore it is recommended to keep in mind a couple of useful tips while choosing a hair color.

Finding the greatest color to satisfy your needs is a tough and serious challenge. There are numerous aspects you have to consider, for example your skin complexion, the natural color of your hair, your lifestyle, etc. Why are this factors important and should be treated with special attention? Well, it’s easy. A wrong decision can make you look only worse and ruin your hair.

Picking the right hair color is also a matter of ‘good taste’. It’s evident that there is no point in choosing honey blonde if you have a dark brown color. However, following hairstylists’ advice, if your hair has a natural light color going for a darker color is most of the time a great change.

It’s currently common that women with brown hair tend to choose blonde colors, and the opposite. Any time you intend to make a big change, your first aim should be to determine the natural color of your hair.

For brunette women to go for chestnut or chocolate for a new light/medium change would be the best choice and for a major change, a dark brown with some violet shades can be an amazing transformation.

If you have brown hair you should consider yourself lucky because your natural color is very flexible in terms of hair dyeing. Even in this case, I would not recommend going to extremes. Try coffee or chocolate with highlights of lighter color for the best look.

Blonde is a very delicate color when it comes to hair dyeing. Consult with a stylist for what could be good for you. Do not go to extremes with blonde hair without expert advice. Slightly lighter or darker highlights are on the safe side.

Women with red hair are most of the time unhappy with their natural color because they think is harder to find a right hair color but this is not true at all. Choose for example something close to caramel/honey. Do not think about brunette. It will not fit you.

Other important aspect you should take into consideration while choosing hair color is skin complexion and the color of your eyes. If your skin has a lighter tone you should avoid darker hair colors and vice-versa. The best hair color would be the one that generates a smooth contrast with your skin.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Very good article. I have recently started dyeing my hair at home because of rapid grays coming in and also the fact that my hair grows super fast. My natural hair color is brown. I am thinking to go with a chocolate kind of color and maybe highlights next time. Hard to decide :)

  2. Christine says:

    Everyone has been telling me that I should get my hair dyed. I have a brunette natural color and I will go with a light chestnut. Thanks for your tips! ;-)

  3. Julia says:

    Hi Roxanne! I don’t know why but when I dye my hair, it always comes up much darker at the ends. What am I doing wrong?! I have a blond natural color. I would like to have it light chocolate brown or something like this. But it always comes out darker at the ends. PLEASE HELP!

  4. Natalie says:

    Such a nicely written article! I am a hairstylist myself and I agree with you. The right hair color not only enhances someone’s face, but at the same time transforms one’s look!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Dark hair color is gorgeous and mysterious when applied right. There are lots of options when going for a darker style. With a bit of creativity, everyone can achieve a hot new style that fits the personality!

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